Dashiel Carrera

Novelist, media artist, HCI Researcher.


Dashiel Carrera

ARTIST / RESEARCHER: Writing, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Art, Music

Dashiel Carrera is a Half-Argentinean novelist, media artist, musician, and HCI researcher. His experimental writing and new media explore the intersection of language, sound, and logic.

The author of the novel The Deer (Dalkey Archive Press), his fiction, essays, and other writing have appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books, LitHub, FENCE, BOMB, Brooklyn Rail and elsewhere. He studied Literary Arts at Brown University, where he was mentored by Carole Maso and edited the Indy. He also earned an MFA in Fiction from Virginia Tech where he won the Emily Morrison Prize in Poetry, taught Creative Writing and Electronic Literature, and edited the minnesota review. His literary agent is Chris Fischbach of Fischbach Creative.

As a media artist, he has won awards for his tech-art experiments from HackPrinceton, HackCooper, and Brown Creative Arts Council. He has released 6 albums on the label 75OrLessRecords and won 1st Place at the WXIN Rock Hunt. He has built collaborative NFTs with Lillian-Yvonne Bertram and served as digital editor for The New River.

Currently, he is a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Toronto's DGP Lab. His research seeks to find new metaphors for AI in order to help laypeople interrogate AI's usage. His research uses ethnography, art-science collaboration, and systems building. He is advised by Daniel Wigdor, director of Meta's Reality Labs Research Toronto, and works closely with Paul Dietz and Robert Soden. He previously studied Computer Science at Brown University and conducted research at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard's metaLab. He has been published in top venues like CHI, Creativity and Cognition, and Digital Humanities Quarterly.